The Life of a Graphic Designer – What do they do?

You want to achieve something in life. You have got a talent for color and form. You are creative. you are in love with fonts and you are thinking about graphic designing as a viable career option. You are reading this article to know whether you should try option. Maybe you are not sure if you will enjoy this career option or you just want to see what it is all about. Whichever may be the case, you will get all your answers here.

A designer is a professional who develops visual concepts by using software or by hands to communicate an idea that captivates and inform a consumer about some product or service. They make an idea or a company recognizable by the use of colors, images or logos. In more precise terms, they are the visual communicators. They are given an idea that must be made attractive by the use of colors, shapes and fonts. They use animation, photography, wild pictures, colors.
Graphic designers combine art, creativity and technology through the printed pages, layouts and web screens. They may combine a variety of designs, color elements, and their creativity to achieve to achieve a decorative effect. They also develop overall designs and layouts for magazines, brochures, reports and advertisements. Graphic design involves both colors and designs. They also select the image, the text, headlines, size, color, and headings. They also decide how a color, text, and an image go together on the home screen of a website. When using texts, graphic designers work closely with content writers who choose the words and decide whether the content will be put on the list, table or paragraphs.
They advise the clients on techniques to reach a particular consumer. They develop images that identify a service or conveys a message. The graphic designers also develop visual, graphical and audio images websites, logos and product illustrations. They work closely with professionals in public relations, marketing, advertising, and promotions. Quite often, these designers specialize in a particular type of client or category. For instance, some create signs and posters and others develop credits for motion pictures. Artistry is god gifted whereas designing is an expertise and can be developed only with practice. And as a professional graphic designer, your creativity is not limited by your skills. You will find yourself working with content writers, animators and another breed of creative people to work on your projects. You will be surprised to know that a large number of brilliant graphic designers seldom went to a graphic design academy and they learned the skill as they practice the art, by reading books, working with other professionals and most importantly, working with their clients. Graphic designing is all about creativity and practice.
While the professional designers love to work on their custom build personal computer, most of the beginners will be perfectly fine beginning on a mid-range PC if it has got a considerable amount of RAM. Most of them even work for two and a half year which had around 1GB of RAM. Don’t bother yourself with the thought that you can’t afford the kind of PCs that professional designers are supposed to have.
Having a creative mind and an aesthetic eye is the key to success. However, these are the characteristics that can be developed only with practice. So don’t be discouraged if you think that those traits of your personality are not well advanced at the moment. You will have to work on them initially, but it is an exercise that will let you sharpen other essential skills such as critical thinking and the choice of colors and fonts.
Being a graphic designer is more than a profession, it is a way of thinking. People who are attractive to graphic designing as a way of life are intensely creative and visual and this puts into practice what they think, how do they plan things and how do they develop their thoughts, once they become a professional graphic designer.
So by now, you must have a solid idea as to whether you would like to become a professional graphic designer. Working as a designer can also be stressful and competitive. The graphic designing industry evolves faster than any other industry and to stay on the top of the trends, you have to learn new techniques and new software and come up with novel concepts and designs that will capture the attention of the viewers.

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